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The cemetery and funeral business is a cultural undertaking with a long history. Since ancient times, cemeteries and funeral careers have shouldered the role of people who have done their best to filial piety and to remember the survivors. Say goodbye to the farewell relatives in the ceremony of dignity, let the survivors complete a journey of perfect life, which makes the living world feel no regrets and no concern.

Time passes, but life does not end. Modern cemetery and funeral cause not only let people remember and miss their ancestors, but also promote the promotion of life and morality and social education. The torrent of development has not forgotten the virtues of filial piety and respect for the elderly and the source of drinking water. Instead, it has opened a new page in life service.

Fairy Park Group upholds the ethics of filial piety and the mission of cautious pursuit, the concept of professional cemetery and funeral business and the development goal of international enterprise. Fairy Park Group also combines high-tech and one-stop modern cemetery and funeral services to provide a reliable and sincere service, so that customers can have a last-minute life journey for the deceased in the moment of facing the chain. It also passes on the fine traditional culture and human values to the next generation.

Our Freehold Cemetery Plots
Fairy Park Cemetery is owned by Fairy Park Group, whereby customer who purchase from Fairy Park Cemetery will have a permanent freehold ownership.

Our Maintenance & Security Services
Fairy Park Group ensures that all maintenance and cleanliness of the cemetery and facilities, furthermore Fairy Park Group provides a 24-hour security service which ensures that visitor will be able to do their prayer and worshiping at anytime of the day.