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The concept of Fairy Park Heritage City’s come from a combination of both traditional culture design mixed with modern facilities. Fairy Park Heritage City consist of many facilities such as: swimming pools, tennis courts, badminton courts, fitness centers and many more, this would provide the all visitor and future generations the importance of a healthy lifestyle. There are even facilities made for children such as the children’s playground and water parks that allows them to wash away their day to day work and stress and indulge and enjoy themselves thoroughly. In addition, the Fairy Park Heritage City will have build in cafes and restaurants, available for the visitor, providing a space where family can gather and cherish their precious memories together.

Fairy Park Heritage City welcomes organization of all form and sized to organize their event ,such as various competitions held by the school,
alumni associations, swimming competition, etc,creating precious memorable memories and to build awareness of the Chinese culture and practices.

The ultimate dream of creating Fairy Park Heritage City is to create and continuously building awareness of the Chinese culture and practices,
allowing the next generation to visit their ancestors at anytime instead of only once a year during “Ching Ming Festival”. Prayer can even be done on a monthly or even weekly basis, educating them that “to enjoy, we must first pay out respect to those who came before us”.

Fairy Park Heritage City is model after the ancient city of LiJiang, China. An exquisite design built with the Tibetan
Feng Sui in mind. Fairy Park Heritage City consist of a gorgeous garden, Bihu water, a classical stone arch bridge, gray tile walls, and many more, giving it an elegant yet gorgeous appearance.

Fairy Park Heritage City is a 53 acres large resort, an innovative concept of cemetery and resort. A unique and the first of its kind in the funeral industry, promoting the value of filial piety and cultural practices, to the future generation, a combination of traditional cemetery that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Bringing family together, creating joyest memories together. This innovative and unique concept is given free to all Fairy Park Heritage City members, which would in turn encourage future generation to take part in prayer and uphold cultural tradition.

A step into Fairy Park Heritage City will place your mind at peace and heart at ease, an environment created to connect the living and the deceased together, and remember the memory that was once shared and the memory to pass on to the future generation.

The primary business model of Fairy Park Heritage City is based on the principle of inheriting filial piety as well as providing a social service making it much more significant than the regular profit-oriented funeral business model. Sized at 163 acre, Fairy Park Heritage City costs an estimated RM500 million to built and aim to complete by 2020. Profit made by Fairy Park Group will be funded towards the expenses, maintenance and construction of Fairy Park Heritage City, making it a self sustainable project that can be pass down from generation to generation, passing on the spirit of the chinese culture.

Fairy Park Heritage City would not have been able to achieve up to this stage without the support of Fairy Park Group’s customer making it a long term sustainable business. To further

celebrate this joyous occasion, the first 1,000 customer who have made booking will be able to enjoy a five years interest free installment payment. Each unit of Ashe Pavillion only require RM480 per month while a double Ash Pavilion would only cost RM680 per month. In the even that the purchases cancel it’s booking, Fairy Park Group vouch to return every dollar that was invested, but for those who have purchased an Ashe Pavillion will grant full access to all features and facilities that Fairy Park Heritage City have to offer for life.

Fairy Park Heritage City, a world where the ancestor are respected and the future generation learn to uphold the traditional Chinese culture and moderality. A place that is worthy of your trust. For more information kindly contact us.

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“Yu Han” quoted a fishing scene that bring a pair of father and son relationship that gradually separated. The biggest regret in his life is that the pursuit of career
achievements may have bore fruit, at the cost of his most beloved close relatives in life. This short film by Fairy Park Group is here reminds us to cherish the time together, and hope that everyone would live a life without regrets.

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