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Holding the belief of filial piety and in reverence to our ancestors, we have devoted ourselves to establish and develop a horticulture memorial park for the decreased and their loved ones. The families are able to show their respect and filial piety to their loved ones who have passed in an Eco-friendly city.
This serves as a pledge of support to our local communities in Miri. In the past decade, Golden Hill Memorial Park has been serving the local communities in Miri. Sharing the same vision and commitment as Fairy Park Group, an international memorial park, the collaboration between the two leading memorial parks has resulted in an investment of RM 50 Million in the expansion of Fairy Park (Miri), a 100-acre memorial park, with the “living life to the full” mantra as a way of life.

With the collaboration of the two enterprises, Golden Hill Memorial Park changed its name to Fairy Park (Miri) Berhad. However, this does not affect the previous and existing customers of Golden Hill Memorial Park. Instead, these customers can enjoy various benefits from this collaboration.

Designs of Memorial Park

Beside the solemn cemetery and scared temples in the park, it has lush grassland, serene ponds and viewing decks for visitors to pay respects to their ancestors in a peaceful and relaxed environment.

Apart from that, there will be a new concept for its overall landscape, including:

  • The introduction of latest designs and patterns of the cemetery
  • Improvement of the entrance
  • Building of the new “Da Bo Gong” Temple
  • Setting up the columbarium pagoda, crematorium, etc.
  • 24-hour surveillance
  • High fence and visitor control system

Fairy Park (Miri) Bhd

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